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Getting medical visa for India

In an effort to further facilitate the process of travelling to India for medical purposes, and recognizing this rapid growth and changes in the healthcare sector, the Government of India has introduced Medical Visa for foreigners seeking specialty treatment for extended periods. Until now, medical tourism patients had to enter the country on a tourist visa, valid for barely six months and subject to extension by the union home ministry alone, causing them tremendous inconvenience in case an extended treatment was needed. However by introducing medical visa to India, the government has made an earnest attempt at addressing the perceived lack of regulation, controls and loopholes in the process.

Open to residents of all countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Sri Lanka, those applying  for medical tourist visa, are required to produce their documents (stating the purpose for which medical treatment visa is being requested) before the India Mission/ Posts abroad for verification of the need of the foreign national to come to India for medical treatment/ health enhancements. The visa is issued under following conditions:

The Mission is satisfied that the applicant has sought preliminary medical advice from his country of origin/country of residence and he has been advised to go for specialized medical treatment. In case the foreign national desires to go for treatment under the Indian system of medicines, his case may also be considered.

The Medical Visa is admissible to foreigners seeking medicare in reputed/recognized specialty hospitals or treatment centers. Serious ailments like neuro-surgery; ophthalmic disorders;  cardiac surgery; renal disorders; organ transplantations;  cosmetic surgery ; joint replacement etc are given primary consideration. 

The initial period for the visa is one year or the period of treatment whichever is less, which can be thereafter extended for another year by the State Governments and FRROs (Foreigners Regional Registration Offices) if relevant documents/ medical certificates by an institute of repute are produced, stating the need for further extension. The Ministry of Home Affairs on the recommendations of the State Government/ FRROs can allow further extension (upto three visits in a year) for special cases.

Those arriving in India on Medical Visa (M Visa) have to register themselves with the local FRRO within 14 days of their arrival at the place of treatment here. Under the medical visa rules, medical tourism patients also have the facility to bring along two attendants/family members (spouse/children) through a co-terminus visa (MX Visa). Attendants/family also have to register at the FRRO within 14 days of arrival.

Just a beginning to a series of steps that the government is initiating to enable international patients to have access to finest medical care in the most recognized and specialized hospitals of the country, the facility of Medical Visa has given a robust boost to the influx of health tourism patients coming to India, by offering them greater convenience.



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