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The most defining feature of the city beautiful is it lush greenery in keeping with the concept of the Garden City. There was an existing stream running across the northern sectors which was retained and made into a continuous linear park winding through the length of the city. The area was conceived by Le Corbusier as an informal cultural and recreational zone offering walking trails that could enable pedestrian connections through lush green, well shaded areas.
The Bougainvillea Garden, Fitness Trail of Sector 10,Rose Garden, Terrace Garden of Sector 33 etc are all part of the Leisure valley and have become important sites for cultural programs like the Chandigarh Carnival, Rose Festival etc.

Leisure Valley

Leisure Valley is most popular tourist attraction also known as lungs of Chandigarh City.
It’s a series of parks and garden that start from Rajendra Park in Sector 1 and end at the southernmost edge of Chandigarh in Sector 53.
It’s a 8 km long Linear stretch with total 2 parks…

Rajendra Park

The Park was named after first President of India. It landscape along with Capitol Complex located along the backdrop of shivalik hills.
It’s amongst the olden parks of City Beautiful, spread over 400 acres near secretariat building.

Major Attractions

Bougainvillea Garden

Set Up in 1976, covering 20 acres inhibiting 65 distinctive varieties of bougainvillea shrubs.
Bougainvilleas are shaped in to different forms like an arch, pavilions, a cluster of bowers and arcades.
Few flowering trees have been planted to give colourful effect.


Fitness Trails

It has been developed with a view to enjoying physical exercises amidst the beauty of nature.
The fitness trail and flower garden is occupied with gorgeous seasonal flower and fabulous sculptures.
It’s best place for long walks and physical workouts.

Major Attractions

Rose Garden

It’s named after India’s former President, Zakir Hussain. Thisbeautiful garden was set up in 1967.
The park is spread over 10 acres and exhibits some of rarest and exquisite varieties of rose and is home to 1600  varieties of flowers.
It serves as a venue for hosting…

Shanti Kunj

Shanti Kunj garden in Chandigarh is situated in a very peaceful place that is free from any noise and pollution.
Large amount of trees and plants in garden soothing effect even in hot summer months.
There are numerous herbs and medicinal plants in this garden which provide excellent healing…

Children Traffic Park

The area of Leisure Valley in Sector 23 has been developed into a Children's Traffic Park. The roads have been constructed and traffic lights have been installed in miniature form. This park is meant for children who are learning to cycle and designed to reach them the rules of road safety.

Hibiscus Garden

It was opened in 1974 and covers an area of 8 acres.
The garden features over 40 varieties of Hibiscus Shrubs.
It’s one of the first garden that helped in transforming Chandigarh into the City of gardens.

Major Attractions

  1. Variety of Hibiscus…

Garden of Fragrance

It was built in 1988; known for its pleasant smelling assortment of floweringplants.
Some of fragrant plants that can be found here is Raat ki Rani, Desmask Rose,Motia, Champa, Haar Shingarh, Mehndi etc.
The garden is landscaped with winding paths surrounded by plants and trees.

Smriti Upavan

This garden was set up in 1988 with the view of planting trees for the departed souls.
Smriti means “Remembrance” and upavan means “Forest.
The first tree planted was Banyan tree in memory of First P.M. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.
People can plant trees in memory of…

Botanical Garden

There are 2 botanical gardens, one between Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake and other in Panjab University.
It consists of 15 botanical section, dedicated to 75 species of medicinal trees and 55 species of medicinal herbs and shrubs.
The purpose of setting up was to conserve the flora of the…

Terraced Garden

Covering an area of 10 acres, was set up in year 1979.
It’s a small valley running through the length of the sector. It’s main venue for the annual Chrysanthemum show.
It’s a terraced garden with a musical fountain, walking paths and seasonal flower festival.


Topiary Park

Established in 1987designed mainly for making fun and enjoyment for the children.
The plants belong to the bush and creepers family has been curiously shaped in form of various animals like bears, elephants etc.

Major Attractions

  1. Lush Green Lawn.
  2. Animal…

Garden Of Silence, Sukhna Lake

The name suggests is meant for silent contemplation away from the crowd of Lake promenade.
The garden features a seated Buddha amidst concentric circular stairs.
The garden has been built for meditating purpose.

Major Attractions

  1. Sculpture of Buddha

Japanese garden

Built in 2014 on 13 acres of land is a unique garden offers a glimpse of Japan.
It consists of 2 phases and they are connected by a tunnel decorated by beautiful Japanese paintings.
The garden is dotted with interesting sculptures.

Major Attractions

  1. Water…


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