Kids attractions

Here is a list of gardens, museums, amusement parks and other attractions for you to enjoy with your family and kids

Gardens, Parks & Lakes

Gardens and Parks

  1. Children can learn new skills, have fun, play and develop self-confidence by spending time in the garden tending plants.
  2. Chandigarh is house to 14 gardens where they can go for outdoor activities and leisure.

Sukhna Lake

  1. Sukhna lake is best place to spend quality time with your family and children. Children can go for amusement rides and can munch on different cuisines available in the food court.


  1. It’s fantastic place to take your kids.
  2. Children can enjoy waterfall, ceramic sculptures of dances, animals and musicians built out of recycled scrap such as bottles, broken pots ,bangles etc
  3. Kids can get a glimpse of fishes from the aquariums installed in rock garden and enjoy laughing mirror displays.


  1. Govt museum and Art Gallery:- kids can entertain themselves by seeing sculptures and paintings which depicts the culture of ancient India.
  2. Natural History Museum:- Real fossils of dinosaurs and evolution of man can be a learning experience for the kids.
  3. International Dolls Museum:- Happy place for the kids where they can see various showcases displaying dolls from india and other countries .Kids can learn cultures of different countries.


  1. Children can enjoy musical fountain show held in evening hours at 07:00 p.m., 08:00 p.m. & 09:00 p.m.
    it is a wonderful display of water fountains dancing to a rhythmic livid Music.



  1. The Exhibits in the museum covers 5000 years of Indian History from Indus valley civilisation to present day.
  2. It has an open air sculptural artworks on display.
  3. Museum is organised into 5 galleries.
    1. Evolution of Non gallery- It models the fossils and dioramas of home species like Neanderthals, Home erectus etc.
    2. Dinosaurs of India gallery- The gallery take to the Mesozoic era to Triassic period to the evolution of Jurassic period.
    3. Evolution of Life gallery- It depicts the gradual transformation of earth, stretching over billions of years, into a place conducive to hold and nuture life.
    4. Redifining the past- Fossils are on display from Masal area.
    5. Our Mother Earth Gallery- It displays massive chunks of rocks of various types and ages.



  1. Dolls play a vital role in developing social, emotional and language skills in children and also train them to interact with others.
  2. It was established in 1985 in complex of Bal Bhawan.
  3. It showcases collection of heritage dolls from 25 countries comprising exotic and indigenous dolls with Historical, socio-cultural, geographics artistic, fashion design and costume features.
  4. It also has colourful life- size cutouts of dolls with hollow space for kids.



  1. Established in 2006, the museum provides a perspective of historical development of Punjab & Haryana High Court, to appreciate the Legal journey that a thriving democracy like India has undertaken.
  2. It develops a historical understanding of the workings of the courts.
  3. Various landmark judgements in Legal history of India are housed here.
  4. These records include the trial and handcuffs of Bhagat Singh and records regarding creation of post of Chief Justice, arrest of Dr. Kitchlew and Pt. Nehru etc

    Bird Park

  5. Bird Park has been developed at Nagar Van behind Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh for creating awareness among general public towards bird conservation.

  6. The Park have been created for the exotic birds which are commonly bred in India.
  7. The Chandigarh Bird Park have provided ample space for each & every bird with 58 feet flying height with total ground area approx. 200×150 feet each for terrestrial birds and aquatic birds. 
  8. Main attractions of this Park are African Love Birds, Budgerigars, White Swan, Black Swan, Wood duck, Golden Pheasant, Yellow Golden Pheasant, Green Wing Macaw, Dun Conures, African Grey Parrot, Finches and Melanistic Pheasant. The Chandigarh Bird Park has different exotic bird species including Aquatic, Terrestrial and Tamed.
  9. Sr. No. Category Ticket Rate  (Per person)
    1. Entry ticket fee for Bird Park (Adult) [Indian] Rs. 50/-
    2. Entry ticket fee for Bird Park (Adult) [Foreigner] Rs. 100/-
    3. Entry ticket fee for Bird Park (Children 5 to 12 years) Rs. 30/-
    4. Entry ticket fee for Tamed Section (Adult/ Children) [Indian] Rs. 100/-
    5. Entry ticket fee for Tamed Section (Adult) [Foreigner] Rs. 500/-


    Free entry for school students of UT Chandigarh along with accompanying teachers on their education trip, with prior permission from the Department. (For Information- A maximum of 30 students and 2 teachers are allowed in the Bird park in a day from one school.)


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