The Museums of Chandigarh are fast becoming a significant part of Chandigarh’s tourist attractions. The iconic Government Museum and art gallery, the three Architecture Museums of Chandigarh, the Natural History Museum, International Doll Museum, High Court Museum and the Rag Dolls Museum at Rock Garden are rich repositories of the history of the city and its citizens
These museums add vibrancy to the young city of Chandigarh and are added attractions it offers to tourists and visitors and of course the citizens of Chandigarh.

Government Museum and Art Gallery

One of the most prominent museums of India that speaks about Indian history and partition.
Established in 1947, with unique architecture.
It was set up to encourage appreciation of values embedded in art and bring it close to the lives of people through interpretation of its rich collection and innovative programmes.

Major Attraction

  1. Gandhara Sculpture
  2. Pahari and Rajasthani Miniature paintings
  3. Ancient Rock Idols, Coins, Metal…

Natural History Museum

The Exhibits in the museum covers 5000 years of Indian History from Indus valley civilisation to present day.
It has an open air sculptural artworks on display.

Museum is organised into 5 galleries

  1. Evolution of Non gallery- It models the fossils and dioramas of home species like Neanderthals, Home erectus etc.
  2. Dinosaurs of India gallery- The gallery take to the Mesozoic era to Triassic period to the evolution of Jurassic period.

National Gallery of Portraits


It was set up in 1977 in the heart of Chandigarh.
The Museum has a vibrant and varied collection of portraits, busts, sculpture, images, prints of rare documents, photos and paintings based on India’s struggle for Independence.
It has a big rectangular half comprising of 41 information panels describing details of movements and conspiracies during long freedom struggle of India…

International Dolls Museum

Dolls play a vital role in developing social, emotional and language skills in children and also train them to interact with others.
It was established in 1985 in complex of Bal Bhawan.
It showcases collection of heritage dolls from 25 countries comprising exotic and indigenous dolls with Historical, socio-cultural, geographics artistic, fashion design and costume features.
It also has colourful life- size cutouts of dolls with hollow space for kids.

Major Attraction

Chandigarh Architecture Museum

It was set up in 1997 to document, preserve and showcase rare documents drawings sketches and archives etc. pertaining to the making of Chandigarh.
The building is distinctly sculptural and true corbusian in its outlook.
The museum is entered through a tube like strairway.
It has been divided into four levels.

Major Attraction

  1. Level 1 - Basement- The panels unfolds the trauma of partition of the country in 1947 and need to build new…

Maison Jeanneret

Pierre Jeanneret, a chief architect of the city, lived in Chandigarh for 11 years in House number 57, Sector 5, to assist and advise the local government.
For honouring his contribution and keeping his memory alive, his house was converted into a museum.
The Museum is 2 storied building with ample outdoor space and expansive broad balconies with latticed brick screens.

The three bedrooms on first floor have been opened up as guest rooms and the rate for bookings is…

High Court Museum

Established in 2006.
The museum provides a perspective of historical development of Punjab & Haryana High Court, to appreciate the Legal journey that a thriving democracy like India undertaken.
It develop a historical understanding of the workings of the courts.
Various landmark judgements in Legal history of India are housed here. These records includes the trial of Bhagat single at lowers.
Creation of post of Chief Justice, Arrest of Dr. Kitchlew and Pt. Ne …

Le Corbusier Centre

The old Architects office currently named Le Corbusier Centre is one of the earliest buildings constituted in Chandigarh.
The museum was a workplace of Le Corbusier and his team therefore, building is of immense historic value to Chandigarh.
The modest structure of building may well be considered as a seminal attempt at introducing concepts of sustainability and green Architecture in the architectural annals of Modern India.

Major Attractions

  1. Insight…


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